Tournament Client: Season 3 Beta now live!

                    September 22, 2020

                    More vehicles, more perks and various optimizations: Shortly after Season 2 of the Farming Simulator League came to a spectacular end that saw Team Trelleborg victorious, we've updated the Tournament Client with some new additions and a variety of improvements. 

                    • Reworked Pick & Ban Phase
                    • Extended Vehicle List
                    • New Perks
                    • Map Update
                    • Drop Update

                    Get more details on the client update over at! The beta version of the new Client is now available to download for free as a DLC for Farming Simulator 19.

                    Codes to download the Client are available for registered users on Use the code in the "key" section on Existing accounts can use their already provided code - new players get the code after registration.

                    Haven't tried competitive farming yet?

                    Of course, you don't have to compete in the Farming Simulator League get into competitive farming. With the Farming Simulator Tournament Client you can grab some of your friends and compete in the 3vs3 mode that became the foundation of our established Farming Simulator League.

                    Either start a server yourself or join an existing server to play with other fans of Farming Simulator. Looking for players to start a server? Try our Discord channel or forums to find others to play with. 

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