Team Trelleborg is the FSL Season 2 World Champion!

                    September 22, 2020

                    We proudly announce the victors of the second Season of the Farming Simulator League: Team Trelleborg! From the prize pool consisting of 100.000 Euros, split between the eight finalists, more than a third was awarded to the winning team composed of the well-coordinated Rablix, Luk4s and Seimän. Watch the recorded live-streams below if you missed the finals on Sunday!

                    A nerve-racking finale to the season

                    Trelleborg was without a doubt the title contender of the season. Last Sunday, they needed to go the full length in the best of five final after trailing behind their opponents two times. Their victory in the final minutes of the decisive match ensured that the duel for the trophy became most thrilling end to the season.

                    “We had a great season,” said Felix “Rablix” Hasenberger, team captain of Trelleborg. “Not only did we play a lot of tournaments, we also made a lot of friends and acquaintances along the way. Standing here today and holding the trophy is the icing on the cake of an incredible year. We are proud and overjoyed to be the first world champion.”

                    We'd also like to congratulate the other teams who fought hard in the finals: With GRIMME making second place followed by John Deere, BG by STARK, Lindner, Krone, VK and Horsch. 

                    The FSL continues!

                    “It was an incredible year for the FSL. When we started the season last year, we had big goals and even bigger dreams for the league,” stated Christian Ammann, CEO of GIANTS Software right after the final match that saw Team Trelleborg win the hard-earned trophy.

                    “Today we stand here and crown the first world champion and we are proud that the league has been able to establish itself in the esports environment. We are looking forward to the coming season and many exciting games", says Ammann. 

                    On that note, we just release the beta version of the new and improved Farming Simulator Championship Client. Everyone, even if not actively competing in the League, can get into competitive farming with our new client right now. Catch more information in the linked article or on!

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